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Greeks Come True calendar team up with Garçon Model for special behind-the-scenes video


By Steve Brown

Last year saw a very exciting collaboration between Greeks Come True, the world famous Calendar featuring men and athletes from all over Greece, and Garçon Model, the Canadian leader in men’s underwear.

While the print Calendar is known for its daring nature and raw aesthetics, in the project’s Making of Movie, viewers also get to experience some uncensored backstage action from the shoot.

For more than 80 minutes, fifteen Greek hunks can be seen in but mostly out of their all-white Garçon Model underwear, doing everything from sweaty workouts and games under the blazing sun to some skinny-dipping in secluded waterfalls and so much more. 

Waste no time and visit the official Greeks Come True store at for your own copies of the 2019 print Calendar and its Making Of film.

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Watch the behind-the-scenes video below:

Check out the more NSFW video below: