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First ever men’s ingestible beauty supplement unveiled by Absolute Collagen


By Will Stroude

It is predicted that global sales of ingestible beauty – stuff you swallow, rather than apply – will reach £5 billion by 2020 – more than double what it was in 2013.

Dubbed ‘nutricosmetics’ – ingestible beauty products are a thing of the future and Absolute Collagen is at the helm – having created the first ever men’s ingestible beauty supplement.

Absolute Collagen, launched at the Beauty UK Show in May this year, is a brand new UK-based product and brand developed by one 51-year-old in her kitchen.

Maxine Laceby, divorcee and mother-of-two, had one mission – to create a Daily Dose of Beauty ensuring maximum benefits in the most convenient and cost-effective way, and now she’s delivering it to men too.

“I found collagen quite by accident” explains Maxine. “I was suffering with arthritis and started taking bone broth. I found I had an enormous sense of wellbeing and my skin was just glowing. The bone broth had collagen in it – and it was this that was making my skin look so good.”

Cue Maxine boiling up chicken feet and pigs’ trotters in her kitchen to extract collagen. Her friends started asking for it and Maxine decided she wanted to share her health and beauty secret.

After more research and input from scientists, Maxine discovered the best type of collagen is marine collagen. Wanting her product to be as ‘absolute’ as possible, Maxine added Vitamin C for absorption, lemon and sucralose for taste. Absolute Collagen was born.

The bio-availability, or way in which the body breaks something down, is far superior in marine collagen and each 10ml serving of Absolute Collagen contains 8,000mg.

Absolute Collagen contains the most collagen in any single dose to date – and it is company ethos that everyone should be able to afford it so it retails as cost effectively as possible.

After being so well received by women – Maxine noticed a gap in the market when it came to ingestible beauty products for men.

The unprecedented growth in the male grooming industry is an indicator that great skin and anti-ageing products are something everyone strives for – regardless of gender.

Collagen nourishes from the inside and feeds your skin – encouraging the fibroblasts responsible for collagen reproduction to kick-start giving smoother, plumper and hydrated skin.

Equally each dose is high protein – perfect for lean muscle gain thanks to the collagen promoting the natural production of creatine.

Aside from this – collagen is also beneficial for hair, nails, tendons, ligaments, joints and blood vessels – literally being the ‘glue’ which holds us together.

It has also been reported to help repair ‘leaky gut’ and aid with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Men can now begin their Daily Skincare Ritual and get all the benefits Absolute Collagen has to offer for just £29.99 for a 14-day supply.

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