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Elite’s Omar Ayuso stars in Calvin Klein Underwear Pride campaign

The 2021 campaign is celebrating the defining moments in the lives of queer and trans people.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures Calvin Klein

Elite’s Omar Ayuso isn’t leaving much to the imagination as he takes a leading role in Calvin Klein’s latest pride campaign, #ProudInMyCalvins, celebrating the defining moments in the lives of queer and trans people.

The Spanish actor, best known for his role as Omar Shanaa in the thriller-teen drama, can be seen modeling the company’s iconic underwear, as well as a perfect for a hot summer crop top. 

He shares his personal story of coming out to his mother as part of the campaign. Also in the cast for the campaign are LGBTQ trailblazers including artist and DJ Honey Dijon, actor Issac Cole Powell, and spoken-word poet Kai Isaiah Jamal.

Each model has been photographed wearing the new range, which features items from the collection, such as everybody’s favourite briefs, and then matched with wardrobe staples like the classic plain white tee, crop tops and jeans. 

For the campaign, Calvin Klein has partnered with The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention charity for the LGBTQ community, and The ILGA World, which campaigns for LGBTQ rights worldwide.

Omar Ayuso

“When I told my mother…I thought she would be shocked and make some big scene. She said, ‘Ok, I’ll get some tickets for The Sound of Music.’”


“The first time that I gave myself permission to cruise. In that moment of connection, I felt a vitality. I felt free of a doubt…excited for what was to come.”

Honey Dijon

“The first time in my life that someone had seen me before I saw myself…It was another trans woman that said to me, ‘You belong in a skirt.’ I realized at that moment that I could exist.” – 1990-something

Isaac Cole Powell

“My hand just crept down my thigh, waiting for it to brush up against him. It finally did. It was like electricity. My whole body was flashing colors. I knew there was no going back after that.”

Kai Isaiah Jamal

“I’ll never forget it. I call it my transition 2.0. Being able to step back into femininity and celebrate that glory…where once those things would have been really triggering. I felt weightless and free.”

King Princess

“I started to realize that I was part of this tapestry of queer people that have made really powerful, moving work. When I realized that, everything made sense.”

Raisa Flowers

“When I was in catholic school…when I first shaved my head. My principal was like, ‘We need to watch her because she’s going to be wild.’ I felt like a badass.”

Samuel de Saboia

“Once you go to the docks, it meant you were kind of free. I had never kissed a guy until that moment. Heart pumping, like I could barely see my chest moving.”