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Check out the vegan self-care brand challenging stereotypes about razors, shaving and body hair

In partnership with Estrid.

By Jamie Tabberer

Whatever your gender identity, the ‘Pink Tax’ – the extra amount people pay for ‘female’-targeted products – is a horrifying concept for all.

Take razors, for example: what would traditionally be considered a disposable ‘women’s razor’ is, on average, 78% more expensive than its male equivalent – despite little to no difference in quality. 

Then there are the gendered stereotypes around actual body hair – when was the last time you saw female body hair in an advert for a razor? – when hair growth is, of course, a universally human experience.

But things are changing. From manscaping men to bearded drag queens; from women growing it out to gender-nonconforming folks switching it up: there are, in truth, no hard and fast rules about how body hair is meant to look.

And a new affordable self-care brand called Estrid– a Scandinavian company founded in 2019 – is leaning into the drive for inclusivity.

Forget garish pink and blue: their sleek, 100% vegan five-blade razors come in five chic shades: blush, cloud, space, peach, and lemonade.

And all are equally affordable.

“We are not afraid of showing female body hair”

“Hair removal should be optional,” comments co-founder of Estrid Amanda Westerbom, explaining more about body hair.

“We are not afraid of showing female body hair – we want to show reality. We don’t put any value in how, where or when you have it.

“Estrid is our way of taking back the power of our body hair. It’s time to say goodbye to old ideals.”

Co-founder Amanda Westerbom adds: “Most journeys start with a series of questions. For us, some were: why are we paying so much for razors?

“Why are so many of us, a third of all women to be exact, using men’s razors? We were confused. The glossy campaigns showing girls in bikinis shaving already hairless legs didn’t have the answers we were looking for.

“Our interviews with hundreds of women on their shaving needs and habits made it clear we weren’t alone. All that led to the birth of Estrid.”

For more information on Estrid, and to browse their cool range of shaving creams and cases, visit