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Blossoming through art: Maximilian Schwarz’s photoshoot merges art and identity

Maximilian Schwarz merges his passions through his photography in this exquisite shoot

By Aaron Pandher

Maximilian Schwarz is a 24-year-old photographer and artist from Hamburg, Germany. He has always had a deep interest in painting and fashion, merging these passions through his photography. In early 2023, he graduated with a degree in design and now works as a freelance photographer for clients, magazines, and advertising.

In the digital age, he interestingly embraces analogue techniques, using materials such as gouache paint, pastel chalk, and dried flowers to create a unique mixed-media style. His art often tackles socially relevant topics, such as mental health and queer issues.

The inspiration behind the shoot

“Colorful splashes of paint, vibrant lines and sensitive expressiveness. Moving beyond the mundane, this shoot presents an exploration of photographs in mixed-media style. It experiments with contrasts by blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. It also challenges gender affiliations through the choice of clothing styled by Franziska Goll. For this particular shoot, I wanted to work more with bold colors balanced by a melancholy atmosphere.

“The series is about blossoming within yourself and spreading your wings. To illustrate this, I’ve been playing with different layers and materials such as flowers or feathers. The model Kelechi Onwuka also shows these emotions of vulnerability and tenderness in his expressions. Combined with poses in which he still appears slightly lost, but then opens his arms like wings, as if he is ready to fly off into a new beginning.

So, are you ready to fly?”

“As a queer man, I am still struggling to find a concept of masculinity that I can fit into. Due to the constraints of gender norms and heteronormative gender performance, it is necessary for individuals to craft their own models of masculinity and femininity that align with their identities and values. Since my interest in photography and my exploration of my queerness developed at the same time, both definitely had an impact on each other. That is why I always try to bring queer aesthetics into my work. I also feel inspired by other queer people and want to give otherness a real and authentic platform in my art.”


Photography/ Artwork Maximilian Schwarz @mximilianschwarz Styling Franziska Goll @_johnsy Hair and Makeup Lenya Jolie Belitz @lenyajolie.mua Model Kelechi Onwuka @keleechii Agency @modelwerk Photography Assistant Jean-Pierre Hägele @jeanxpic