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Model Reno Gold ‘making $100,000 a month’ on OnlyFans

As more and more people turn to online sex work, former Box menswear model Reno Gold shares his story.

By Will Stroude

In partnership with Box Menswear

Model Reno Gold really did live up to his namesake when, as an OnlyFans creator, he hit $100,000 (£78,121) per month during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reno first came to the attention of the world at large when he modelled for international men’s underwear big hitter Box Menswear in 2019. Back in October 2019, when the world worried about anything but a fast-spreading pandemic virus, Reno was one of around 30 models who took part in a road trip right through the state of Texas organised by the UK underwear company.

Blue-eyed and bushy-tailed, Mr. Gold starting out in a pair of boxer shorts in Dallas and ending up in a male thong by the time he arrived in Austin.

Never mind a male thong, here’s Reno Gold showering somewhere in the state of Texas showing his famous body. Image: Box Menswear / Jake OD

Reno started out as a dancer and performer, he joined OnlyFans when he heard about just how lucrative it was for friends and colleagues. “When OnlyFans came along I made the switch and completely stopped dancing and web camming” says Reno, 24, from his Miami home.

Boys do wear pink. Sticking within the rules of 6, Reno Gold stood outside of a cabin with fellow underwear models L to R: Braydan Ifould, Seth Breezy, Dan Soarr, Ross Norton and Josh Watson. Image credit: Box Menswear.

Initially, the super cute jock was a relatively modest player on the content platform, but now he’s in the top 0.1% earners: A huge deal, maintained with weekly bank transfers of sums most of us will never see.

With the coronavirus driving dancers, Instagrammers and reality stars to OnlyFans when their usual revenues streams dried up as the world went into lockdown, competition suddenly became a lot fiercer, but at the same time, people had a lot more money to spend on things they wouldn’t usual have considered. Where others would struggle, some saw opportunity.

Reno Gold wearing sheer transparent KingFit boxer shorts from Box Menswear. Talk about bulge!

Citing the pandemic and subsequent lockdown for the sudden leap in income, Reno soon hit the $100,000 a calendar month mark. That’s around $3333 (£2,604) a day or $138.88 (£105) an hour, every single hour of the day and night. He claims he’s just about to cross the million-dollar threshold in total earnings.

“I’ve been making a lot since Covid as people aren’t interacting with people face to face. The first month of Covid it was insane the amount of money people were making, not just me”, Reno remarks, flashing a cheeky boy next door smile, which of course is part of his charm.

With so many content creators on OnlyFans you need to stand out, and Reno’s USP is his personality and the personal connection he has with his fans: He speaks to as many as he can in personal messages, and he says he’ll even check in on them if they’ve not been in touch for a while to see if they’re doing ok.

The famous or infamous Oops I forgot my trousers party, hosted in Dallas by Box Menswear. Fellow Box Menswear models including as Dan Tai, Carlos Effort, Paul Cassiday along with many more stand shoulder to shoulder with Reno, who himself is wearing only a suit jacket, black socks and shoes as polished as his smile. The boys all stripped off and enjoyed a banquet meal to celebrate the start of the road trip after arrival of all the models in the USA. To be a fly on the… bannister?

“There are so many [subscribers] that I have a personal relationship with,” Reno says, “I have online boyfriends all over the world! My body is my business so I have to stay on top of it but I don’t think looks are everything, if you show personality there’s a market for that as well.

“My selling factor is the way I communicate with people.”

Underwear of course plays a huge part in Reno’s work and he still swears by Box: “I love having a variety of colours and how Box has a bunch of pastels. I know what looks good with my pale body!”

All American Boy by name and nature. Reno Gold shows off his butt standing nude but for a pair of blue Box Menswear socks looking over a placid Lake in Gun Barrel City, Texas. The stars and stripes of the American Flag has the best view in the house. Image Credit Box Menswear / Jake OD.

Jockstraps have also been one of their bestsellers and Gold agrees “I love jockstraps and I also love those lounge leggings, the see through not see-though but super stretchy ones you get from Box as you get a good ‘VPL’ [Visible Penis Line].

“Visible Penis Line is probably the most important part about underwear and that it holds and supports your bulge well, hugs your balls and shows off your ass!”

Boy next door in a see-through jockstrap. Above Reno wearing a varsity jock by Box. Image credit: Box Menswear / Rafa

Reno doesn’t plan on doing OnlyFans forever, and he’s investing his money wisely as he knows it might not last at this level. “I have 5 condos and I plan to continue on investing. I’m investing in real estate and renting them out. I want to stop when I’m 30 and I’m in my prime. I want to have enough properties under my belt and just manage them and live off of that. I’ve got a good 6 years left in me!

Despite the competition, Reno is candid when it comes to invaluable advice for anyone who wanted to do it themselves.

“Be the best ‘you’ you can be. If you’re going to do it, give it your all. It’s not easy money you have to put up content every day. I put up a professional nude every day. I do four solo scenes a week and two to three duo scenes a month.”

What constitutes a ‘duo scene’ however?

Duo Scenes. Alex Cohen pops around for a cup of tea with Reno Gold. Both wearing those bulge showing lounge leggings. Alex sporting Grey whilst Reno wears a transparent white. Image credit: Box Menswear / Rafa Casares.

“I consider a duo scene if I do anal. I don’t do full on f**king, I just do blow jobs and stuff. If I sit on a toy, I consider that a duo scene.”

It’s clear that OnlyFans isn’t as easy as it looks, and there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Creating content and maintaining your fans is a full-time job. Just like sporting a tailored suit to the office, what you wear is important, even if you don’t have it on for long.

We’ll leave you with some NFSW-ish wet white boxer shorts which leave very little to the imagination. For the rest, you’ll have to checkout Reno’s Only Fans page for yourself…