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CDLP Spring/Summer 2024: From trash to splash – sustainable swimwear, made from recyled materials

In partnership with CDLP

By Dale Fox

Composite of two men in swimwear
CDLP's SS24 collection is available now (Image: CDLP)

CDLP‘s Spring/Summer 2024 collection has arrived, offering a stunning new perspective on contemporary menswear with a strong focus on sustainability.

Hailing from Stockholm, the label’s latest offering presents a blend of style and eco-consciousness that resonates with a growing audience of socially and environmentally aware consumers.

In this collection, CDLP prioritises sustainability by exclusively using organic and sustainable materials in its pieces, such as the Bermuda Swim Shorts and Short Sleeve Shirt. Crafted with care in Portugal or Italy, each piece in the collection embodies CDLP’s ethos of responsible fashion.

Innovative dyeing technique makes sure each piece is unique

The SS24 palette features a diverse array of colours, from cool tones like Juniper and Steel Blue to warmer hues such as Poppy Red and Cinnamon. Whether you’re chilling by the pool or exploring new horizons, the variety ensures there’s something for every taste and occasion.

Beyond colour, the collection showcases CDLP’s ingenuity in its use of innovative dyeing techniques. Swimwear, in particular, becomes a canvas for experimentation, as each pair of swim shorts boasts a unique marble-like effect achieved through the use of recycled nylon.

Style meets sustainability

Crafted with care in Portugal and Italy, each piece in the collection embodies CDLP’s ethos of responsible fashion. By using sustainable and organic materials, the label not only delivers stylish clothing but also contributes to a more environmentally conscious fashion industry.

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