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What sending a greeting card says about you…

By Will Stroude have a variety of tasteful greeting cards tailored specially to the LGBT community.

But what exactly is it about this tradition that just lifts our spirits and brings a smile to our faces?

When we see a greeting card with a handwritten envelope drop through our letterbox, it’s like receiving a warm unexpected hug.

It has long been a tradition in the UK but did you know that the ancient Chinese would exchange goodwill messages to celebrate the New Year and early Egyptians used papyrus scrolls to deliver their greetings.

Way back in the 14th century for instance, Germans are known to have used wood cuts to print their New Years greetings.

Hand made paper Valentines were being made and exchanged to the delight of many by the middle of the 15th century.

A scientific and electronic age

Here we are today, in this exciting, fast moving scientific and electronic age of communications, still becoming intrigued and excited at finding a greeting card on our doormat.

In a recent online survey, people were asked the question “how would you prefer to receive a birthday or other greeting, text message, email, E-card or by post?”

An overwhelming 89% of people said they would prefer to receive and send a card the traditional way, by post, only 11% said they preferred the electronic methods.

This was NOT a survey taken on the high street on pension day but online, by people who use the Internet and social media daily, yet still they would prefer the traditional way of sending or receiving a greeting.

GT editorial picture copy


You may well ask.

All I can say is that to us it is simply this…

To actually receive a card that I can hold in my hand, be it a birthday card, Christmas card, or just a little note that says “you popped into my mind today and it made me smile” means that someone has taken the time to browse through numerous cards either on the high street or online, diligently looking for one with the right image to portray the mood of the message they want to send, tirelessly reading each verse until finally settling on the one that most fits the bill.

They have then oh so carefully taken it home, so as not to bend it or damage the corners, or if ordered online, they have eagerly awaited the post, hoping upon hope that it arrives on time and that it is as beautiful as it looked on screen.

With me in their thoughts they take up a pen and write their special and unique message.

The card was then gently placed in the envelope, the address written and the stamp carefully set in place before they have taken it to a post box and popped it in.

This card…

That drops through my letterbox in the next couple of days, is not a 30 second text message or an e-card sent from a phone whilst sitting on the loo.

This is a card that, before I have even opened it says someone has taken time out of their busy life to find something that they hope will bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

This card says, someone cares enough about me to do all of that!

And that is amazing!

– Carmen, 2016 Writer of Loving Words Cards
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