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Wayne Lawlor Communications is here to turn your business into a brand

“People buy people first, and product second”.

By Alastair James

In partnership with Wayne Lawlor Communications

How many of us have written 2020 off as a bit of a nothing year? While most of us were watching Tiger King, Drag Race, and Line of Duty, some people were being a little more productive.

One of those was Wayne Lawlor, from Ireland, who chose to spend his 2020 setting up his new marketing firm of the same name. As the country (and the world) went into lockdown, pubs closed, and cities everywhere fell quiet, anxiety hit.

“At first it was hard”, Wayne says. “I felt lost, I was housebound, and as I lived alone I was working from home, and [finding a] routine was hard at first until I decided to make a weekly planner and I swiftly got myself into gear as I had plenty of free time.”

Having worked for years on a freelance basis all the while maintaining a 9-5 job (meaning little sleep, early mornings, and multi-tasking to the max) Wayne is used to getting the job done. However, as demand has grown, Wayne is now stepping out on his own with 13 years of experience in marketing under his belt.

His philosophy? “A social butterfly is someone who is social or friendly with everyone, flitting from person to person, the way a butterfly might. The word social comes from the Latin socius meaning ‘friend’. When you’re being social, you’re everyone’s friends.”

Wayne Lawlor Communications offers expertise in several areas such as marketing, social media, influencer engagement with influencers, content creation, events, and public and media relations. It operates on the basis that, “people buy people first and product second”.

Unlike other PR companies, Wayne Lawlor takes its lead from the brands it works with. The company works with clients on revolutionary and creative campaigns that produce long-lasting results.

It’s a growing, forward-thinking small business that’s passionate about communication, content, and design.

So if you have a business that needs some TLC to turn it into a brand, get in touch.

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