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Watch: Things people ask gay dads (and really shouldn’t)

By Will Stroude

Gay parenting can be a minefield, and in the run-up to Father’s Day, LGBT parenting website Gays With Kids has released a brilliant new video demonstrating some of the questions gay dads often have to deal with.

As well as showing how gay parents are often treated as a novelty, questions like “whose sperm did you use” and “how much did you pay for her?” are just some of the inappropriate highlights.

gay dads

“Our aim was to create content gay dads would enjoy that would also serve to inform and inspire others,” says Gays With Kids‘ co-founder, Brian Rosenberg.

“Gay fathers share all the universal truths and challenges of parenting that are experienced by dads and parents everywhere, but we also face many that are uniquely our own, like dealing with homophobia, guiding daughters through puberty, and coming out.

“We have also traveled many different paths in order to become dads. In celebration of Father’s Day, we’re exploring these issues and more in the videos and e-book.”

Speaking of gay dads, if you haven’t read the touching open letter Ricky Martin wrote to his twin sons for Father’s Day, you need to read it here now.

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