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WATCH: LGBT survivors from anti-gay countries open up about the terrors they faced

Many of the survivors were raped, assaulted and arrested by police or had lost partners and family members

By Fabio Crispim

LGBT survivors from anti-gay Commonwealth countries have spoken about the terrors and horrors they’ve faced.

A new video created by the Peter Tatchell Foundation features the survivors talking about their experiences as LGBT people in anti-gay countries. 

The clip was created during a landmark protest in London calling on Commonwealth leaders to decriminalise homosexuality. 

In the video, one woman said: “I was locked up when it was discovered that I was kissing a lady. I was raped [by] police. I was forced into marriage… I suffered also domestic violence.”

She continued: “I was caught with my last partner in a hotel, where she later died at the police custody after [a] serious beating. So I had to flee for my own life because they were after me as well.” 

One man revealed his brother had tried to kill him, another explained how his partner was killed by a mob and a third said he had faced discrimination from both his church and community and had been assaulted, arrested and beaten. 

Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, who helped organise the protest, said: “It’s shocking that so many leaders slam the door in the face of so many people fighting for freedom.” 

Watch the video below: