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Watch Chris Evans show off his dance moves on Ellen

By Attitude Magazine

During an appearance on The Ellen Show this week Chris Evans revealed he’s not only an action hero – he’s a kick-ass dancer too.

It all started with the Captain America actor and his co-star Elizabeth Olsen playing the “Last Dance” game for Ellen, which the host explains is like “hot potato with dancing.”

“The quicker you impress me and I think that you’re doing that dance, the quicker I press the button, but you have to freeze exactly in whatever position you’re in,” DeGeneres told the pair. “You don’t want to be the last one dancing or you lose.”

Olsen gave it her all when it came to performing salsa and the ‘Thriller’ dance, she even tried to twerk, but the most impressive moves came from Evans when he took on the ‘Single Ladies’ dance. The 34-year-old also danced ballet, Vogue and performed some sexy belly dance moves.

Chris and Elizabeth were on the Ellen’s show to promote Captain America: Civil War, the new Marvel mega-movie. Thanks to their efforts on the game, the show made a $10,000 donation to Chris’s favorite charity Christopher’s Haven.

Words: Norberto Paredes

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