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US Supreme Court to hear case of transgender student

By Fabio Crispim

The US Supreme Court has now announced it will take on the case of a transgender male student who challenged a Virginia high school’s bathroom policy, according to LGBTQ Nation.

High school student Gavin Grimm was forbidden from using the men’s bathroom during school time after the Gloucester County School Board approved a new policy that orders students to use the bathroom that matches their biological gender.


This comes after the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit had determined in April that Title IX, a federal law that bans discrimination on the basis of gender in public schools, protects the rights of transgender students.

The outcome of this specific case will have major implications for North Carolina’s HB2 which has seen many musicians, businesses and even sports companies boycott the state.

The House Bill 2 (HB2) bill can see trans people fined for using the bathroom that doesn’t match the gender they were assigned with at birth.

Could this be the end of the anti-trans law?

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