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US baseball star comes out as gay on live TV and doesn’t get the reaction he expected

By Joshua Haigh

A baseball star came out as gay to his closest friends on US TV last night.

Sports star Ryan Jordan Santana opened up about his sexuality live on TV in front of his friends and his mum for the first time as part of TLC’s This Is Life Live series.

“I lived a lie my whole life. I was always too afraid to even tell my teammates. But I don’t want to have to lie to them about this part of me anymore.”

“I always felt…I couldn’t come out and play baseball. I thought as soon as I came out, I’m done playing baseball. But it shouldn’t be that way. They should be able to know that and judge me off of my athletic ability. If I’m a good baseball player if i’m a good teammate.”

Ryan played baseball through his school life, but always remained in the closet due because both his school and colleges had close ties to the church. In fact, one of them even has a policy that “bars gay sex”, according to OutSports.

After he’d previously heard derogatory remarks about homosexuality in the locker room, he was concerned about how his teammates would react. But thankfully, it turned out he had nothing to worry about at all.

One of them responded: “It doesn’t change anything between our friendship!”


While another emotional pal took him aside and ended up in tears, saying: “It was a lot for Monday morning. I feel bad for making you feel like a lesser person. You shouldn’t have to go through that and I feel for you. I have to put myself in your shoes. It’s not a big deal!”

After coming out, Ryan’s mum also shared her own feelings and explained that she loved him no matter what.

“I’m accepting of anything and everything with you boys,” she said. “You’re still you.”

What an incredible moment. Congrats, Ryan!

This is Life Live continues Tuesday and Wednesday this week on TLC at 10pmET.