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Two women hurl homophobic abuse towards couple in London after they share kiss – WATCH

Footage was posted online by a close friend of the couple on social media

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Two women hurled homophobic abuse towards a couple in London after they kissed near a bus stop.

In horrific mobile phone footage – which was posted online by a close friend of the couple – two women are seen sitting in a car hurling horrendous homophobic abuse towards the couple.

One of the women is heard shouting that the couple should kiss ‘behind close doors’ before angrily demanding they stop as she doesn’t want her son to see it.

One of the men they replied: “Do you think we’re gonna stop now that you said?”

The woman then shouts: “Do what you want! But not where my son is gonna see.

“My son is not gonna grow up like you and to think it’s right to get stabbed in the ass.”

Before driving off the other woman – who also recorded the exchange – shouts: “B***y boys.”

According to the figures from the UK Home Office – published last week – the second biggest rise was for crimes motivated by sexual orientation which rose by up to a quarter to 14,5000.