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Two men wanted after attacking a gay couple for holding hands

The couple were walking home after a night out

By Steve Brown

Two men are wanted by police after a gay couple were attacked for handing hands outside a nightclub.

Andy Millin, 32, and his boyfriend Cameron Stringer, 26, were walking home after spending a night in bar in Edinburgh when they were attacked, the Scottish Sun reported.

The attackers punched Andy as he was trying to protect Cameron after he was kicked in the back and punched.

Andy also claims the attackers made a gesture suggesting the assault was simply down to the fact that he and Cameron were holding hands.

Andy said: “We’d been at a friend’s barbecue and went to CC Blooms for a few drinks. We left at about 3am and were on our way home.

“We crossed the road holding hands and there was a couple of guys behind us. One of them ran up and kicked Cameron in the back.

“He was about to attack him but my first instinct was to get him out of way. I got punched and then I blacked out.

“I had a lot of blood so Cameron told me to sit down on the pavement, but then one of the guys ran back around and punched Cameron.

“His injuries weren’t bad, he just had a bit of a lump. We’re all right now but still a bit shaken.”

Andy went on to say how he was disappointed with the reaction from the police.

“We flagged down a police car who were on a job but said they would pass it on,” he added.

“We then got a taxi home and phoned the police and ambulance. The ambulance arrived at my house quite fast but no one from the police came out until 1.30pm the next day and took statements then.

“They’ve said they’re going to check CCTV and see if they can get anything from that.

“We’ve been worried because we couldn’t remember their appearance so we wouldn’t recognise them in the street.

“So we’ve been walking past people a bit paranoid.”