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Twitter reacts to CNN hiring anti-LGBT former senator as Senior Political Commentator

By Samuel McManus

Anti-gay former senator Rick Santorum has got a new job with CNN.

The former Republican presidential candidate who ran unsuccessfully in both 2012 and 2016 will be part of a new panel of political experts.

Santorum took to Twitter to announce the news saying:  “Excited to announce that I’ve joined the @CNN team as a senior political commentator.”

Santorum hasn’t held back when it comes to anti-gay views. More than once he has branded homosexuality a curable condition and said that the world would be “disrupted” by same-sex in the US.

After dropping out of the latest presidential race in February last year, the former senator for Pennsylvania was made Donald Trump’s adviser on faith issues.

But the internet isn’t happy with CNN’s appointment:.

Of course, the infamous Santorum definition that Dan Savage coined has been used appropriately. If you don’t remember:

However, Trump did refuse to answer a question from a CNN reporter because, as he claimed, the broadcaster spread ‘fake news’.