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Three LGBT activists shot dead in Mexico after night out

The bodies of the men were found by local authorities

By Steve Brown

Three LGBT activists have been shot dead in Mexico.

The bodies of Ruben Estrada, Roberto Vega and Carlos Uriel Lopez were found by authorities in Taxco, a city in the Mexican state of Guerrero.

According to The Washington Blade, the men were at a nightclub on Sunday (June 17) when a group of men tried to extort money from them.

When they refused, the group of men returned and grabbed the three activists and put them in a van before driving away.

In local media coverage, the bodies of the three men have been published online and suggested they were fatally shot in the head.

Other reports claim the men were tortured before their deaths.

All three men were active in Mexico’s LGBT+ community and Estrada, 35, organised the annual Pride march as well as a gay beauty contest. Lopez was his partner.

Gaby Soberanis of the LGBT group Diversidad Guerrero said: “We are sad, depressed.

“They were young. They had a future ahead of them. The entire state’s LGBTI rights movement is sad, is in mourning.”