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This is how you can see who’s blocked you on Grindr

Find out how to clock a blocker.

By Fabio Crispim

A new online tool has been created to allow Grindr users to find out who has blocked them.

Trever Faden, from Washington DC, created an online website called C*ckBlocked to let users see who blocked their profile on the gay dating app. 

Speaking to Queerty, Faden revealed he made the website for his own entertainment after spotting loopholes in Grindr’s coding.

He said: “About two weeks ago I discovered that Grindr actually gives each user the profile IDs of all the users who blocked you on the app. They don’t display it anywhere on the actual app itself, but the data is there.”

Faden added that he was surprised to see who had blocked him: “Some guys were completely random – why’d they block me? Others were people I had spoken to in the past. I even saw a friend of mine on there! That was an odd conversation to have.

However, if you want to use C*ckBlocked you may have to be quick: Faden expects Grindr will shut down the website or patch the app it no longer displays the data. 

“But I figure in the meantime, it’s interesting data that could spark some silly conversations”, he added. 

The tech professional revealed he’s working on updating the site to make it a “little more resilient” before confirming that he’d be happy to look into other dating apps.