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The Flash’s Ezra Miller could be dropped from DC Universe over multiple allegations

Sources have said Warner Bros are considering what to do about the situation.

By Emily Maskell

Words: Emily Maskell; pictures: Wiki Commons

Ezra Miller could be dropped from future DC flicks after their turn in The Flash due to the actor’s legal troubles, according to reports.

The 29-year-old actor, who identifies as non-binary, will remain as the speedster in the 2023 film. However, the star’s future with DC is less certain beyond that.

“There is no winning in this for Warner Bros,” one studio source told Deadline regarding the legal troubles. 

“The hope is that the scandal will remain at a low level before the movie is released, and hope for the best to turn out,” they added

The Daily Beast reported last week that a temporary harassment prevention order was filed against the actor after the mother of a 12-year-old alleged the actor menaced their family, repeatedly acted inappropriately towards the child, and brandished a gun.

Miller is said to have apologised for their outbursts but continued to pester the family on a number of other occasions throughout April, May, and June of this year leading to the request and granting of a protection order.

This follows the family of an 18-year-old requesting a protection order against the actor in regard to their child, Tokota Iron Eyes.

Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle allege the actor of “psychologically manipulating, physically intimidating and endangering the safety and welfare” of Tokata and holding sway over them.

But according to documents seen by the LA Times, they have been unable to “locate or serve” the actor. 

The order would prevent Miller from contacting or harassing Tokata, Chase, and Sara for 30 days and Miller would have to stay 100 yards away from the family’s residence during that time.

The LA Times reports that a court date has been set for a hearing on July 12 for Tokata and Miller to appear. If they don’t the court can grant the petition for a restraining order.

Takota took to Instagram (9 June) with a two-minute video in which they say the unfolding situation “is nobody’s business” and that “no one is owed a story or an outcome,” seemingly maintaining their previous statement that Miller is not guilty of anything.

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Miller deleted their Instagram account after posting cryptic images claiming to be in “another universe”.

Chase and Standing Eagle claim Miller met their daughter when the latter was 12 and that he exhibited “corrupting” behaviour,” according to the family’s petition.  

Prior to these incidents, Miller was arrested twice in Hawaii. Once over “disorderly conduct and harassment” at a bar after patrons started singing karaoke and the second time for assaulting a woman at a party

Attitude has approached representatives for Ezra Miller and Warner Bros for comment.