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The dream is over: Gus Kenworthy ‘is seeing someone’

By Shaun Kitchener

He’s probably been inundated with proposals and come-ons since coming out (and before that) but Gus Kenworthy is not actually single, it would seem.

After an interview with People magazine in New York at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation benefit, the publication claimed he is “seeing someone, but it’s new”.

gus kenworthy

Romance is in the air, people.

He also told the mag about his decision to come out, saying: “I got to a point where it was really painful and it was taking a lot out of me… trying to keep up the facade, constantly lying and avoiding questions and dodging answers.

“I guess I wanted to get to a point where I was free – I don’t want to be ashamed of part of me, I just want to be proud of it. And I encourage that of other people.”


Gus’s Halloween outfits drew a lot of attention: firstly paying attention to Karen’s mouse in Mean Girls, then as a topless cop.

But one costume didn’t go down so well: he posted a snap of himself dressed as a Native American chief, then quickly deleted it when criticism started pouring in. The original caption allegedly read: “For everyone giving me grief, I don’t really understand why this is racist or culture appropriation – it’s Halloween! Just having fun! :)”

He later posted: “Didn’t realize I was being offensive & didn’t mean to marginalize or appropriate Native American culture. Sorry! Pic deleted.”