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Teenager who stabbed his former boyfriend six times in a violent rage avoids prison

Jason Moore attacked his partner after their relationship became public knowledge

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A teenager who stabbed his former lover six times in a violent rage has avoided prison.

Jason Moore had known Luke O’Brien since childhood and had become sexually involved but their relationship was not known to other people.

However, Moore became angry when their relationship became public knowledge in their hometown of Dungarvan, Waterford, in Ireland.

Moore then set up a Snapchat account after a fall out with O’Brien and used the account to message his former partner again.

They arranged to meet at a secluded area claiming they were ‘just going to chat’ and according to the Waterford Circuit Court, Moore turned up drunk and armed with a knife, which was never found.

According to Sergeant Alan Crowley, who investigated the case, said the men were walking together and having a conversation and at some point, O’Brien felt a cold sensation and realised he had been stabbed.

The teen pleaded with his attacker to stop but Moore allegedly screamed: “This is all your fault, you shouldn’t have told people, and now you have to pay.”

O’Brien received at least six stab wounds and suffered injuries after being punched and kicked. Luckily he managed to run to a neighbour’s house.

Moore allegedly shouted: “I know you are going to tell people… if you do, I will find you and stab you to death.”

Moore was arrested the same night after police found his blood-stained clothes and he initially denied that they were a couple but later apologised to the victim.

Judge Eugene O’Kelly said: “No young person should have to suffer in this way because the perpetrator of the offence is going through a period of confusion about his own sexual identity.”

However, Moore – who pleaded an early guilty plea and due to poor mental health, he attempted to take his own life two times – avoided prison time and received a two-year suspended sentence, the Irish Mirror reported.