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Stefano Gabbana: ‘Don’t call me gay’

The Italian fashion designer insists he is "simply a man".

By Fabio Crispim

Italian fashion designer Stefano Gabbana has insisted he doesn’t want to be described as gay, saying he is tired of being “identified by [his] sexual choices.”

The world-renowned couturier, who forms one half of the Dolce & Gabbana brand, told Italy’s Corriere della Sera that the word ‘gay’ was invented by people who feel the need to label others, and that he considers himself “simply a man”.

“I don’t want to be called gay, because I’m simply a man… full stop,” the Gabbana said.

“The word ‘gay’ was invented by those who need to label people, and I don’t want to be identified by my sexual choices”.

The 55-year-old added that he want to promote a new culture where sexual labels were no longer necessary.

“I thought that I could help spread a new culture as a famous person, a culture no longer based on gay rights but on human rights”, he said.

“We are human beings before being gay, heterosexual or bisexual.”

Stefano Gabanna launched his luxury fashion label with former partner Domenico Dolce in 1984. The pair split in 2004 but have continued to work together – and they’re certainly no stranger to headline-grabbing statements.

Back in 2015, Sir Elton John urged fans to boycott the brand after the legendary designers spoke out against babies conceived through IVF, leading Gabanna to brand John a “fascist”.

The Milan-born fashion mogul added Miley Cyrus to his list of celebrity feuds earlier this year, vowing never to work with her younger model brother again after the singer criticised his brand.