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Stars pay their respects in wake of Orlando gay club shooting

By Anthony Lorenzo

In a cacophony of solidarity, celebrities have taken to social media to express their shock, sorrow and outrage over Sunday’s massacre in Orlando.

Gay American Idol contestant Adam Lambert tweeted:



Echoing the sentiments of much of the LGBT community, Ricky Martin, who is gay and Latino like most of the victims of the horror at Pulse said:



Boy George expressed his heartbreak, poetically tweeting:




Lady Gaga, well-known for her support for the LGBT community, tweeted her solidarity with thoughtful words, and the rainbow, a symbol of LGBT commonality:





Allies of the community also sought to show solidarity. Justin Timberlake tweeted:



Hillary Clinton, who has in recent years reneged on her anti-LGBT rhetoric in favour of a more enlightened view, said:



The murderer, Omar Mateen, who was shot dead by police after his rampage, was said by his father to be homophobic, being ‘disgusted’ by the sight of two men kissing. The revulsion certain people feel for LGBT people is not new, but  attack stings as keenly as if deadly homophobia was a shock. Ellen DeGeneres summed up by dispensing with eloquence in favour of a simple verb:



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