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Shocking TikTok video shows man threatening to stab gay man and trans woman in London takeaway shop

Disturbing footage of Valentino Kyriakou, 20, and Naya Martinez, 21 has been shared thousands of times online after initially being posted on TikTok.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Pexels

A gay man and a trans woman were threatened and told they’d be “shanked” if they didn’t leave a takeaway shop in northwest London.

Footage of the incident, which is still viewable online, on 20 January in Wembley involving 20-year-old Valentino Kyriakou and 21-year-old Naya Martinez has been shared thousands of times online after initially being posted on Tik Tok.

It shows a group of men threatening the pair and telling them they’d be stabbed if they came back.

“It went from one to a hundred”

Speaking to the BBC, Mr. Kyriakou said the men had started recording him and his friend when they were waiting for their food at the takeaway on Bridge Road at around 6 pm. 

“They were calling us every name and then threatening to ‘shank’ us, which is obviously stab us in the shop, so we just had to leave without even getting all our food. I literally just thought they were about to stab us. They were just going crazy – it went from one to a hundred.”

Ms. Martinez added she was shocked at the abuse the men were yelling at the pair and said: “I remember this one guy saying to me ‘you are not from here and this does not run here… and I was like ‘why, I’m ordering my food?’ and he was like ‘no, I beg you get out or I will stab you’.

“All I felt in that moment was ‘oh my God I am going to get touched soon, this is going to be physical.”

Mr. Kyriakou also said the incident is an example of “transphobia and homophobia raw,” while Ms. Martinez said: “I’m glad this has happened because it might be the perfect opportunity for us to speak out and let the people know this stuff is actually happening – it’s unbelievable.”

In a statement to the BBC, Tik Tok said the video had been removed for violating guidelines and it’s trying to remove any copies. 

It added, “Hate has no place on TikTok, and we do not tolerate any content or accounts that attack, incite violence against or otherwise dehumanise people on the basis of their gender or sexuality.”

The Metropolitan Police have told Attitude that no arrests have been made but they are working to identify the men in the video.  

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