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Second strongest man in the world has broken up with his boyfriend

Rob Kearney was the first openly gay competitor in professional and international strongman competitons

By Steve Brown

The second strongest man in the world has broken up with his boyfriend.

Rob Kearney – who goes by the World’s Strongest Gay on Instagram – made history by being the first openly gay competitor to take part in professional or international strongmen competitions back in 2014.

He announced his sexuality in a short Facebook post back in 2014 which read: “My #mcm goes to this guy, my boyfriend, Joey Aleixo!”

Since announcing his relationship, the couple – who had been together for four years – were known for posting cute photos together on social media.


Thanks for always having my back 😘💙

A post shared by Rob Kearney (@worlds_strongest_gay) on

However, in a new Facebook post, Kearney has revealed they have gone their separate ways and although he never says why they split, he admitted he “made a mistake”.

Kearney wrote: “This will certainly be the hardest thing I’ve written, but after a lot of questions, this is easier on me.

“Joey and I are no longer together. We have had our differences. I made a mistake and things came to a point where, right now, they can’t be fixed if we are together.


A post shared by Rob Kearney (@worlds_strongest_gay) on

“We are taking this time to focus on ourselves, become better people and then hopefully rekindle our relationship.

“We still love each other, he is still my best friend. But sometimes what’s best for a relationship in the long run, is some time apart.”