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Republican candidate’s erotic gay movie past comes back to haunt him

Antonio Sabàto is a big fan of Trump, and has argued that Christian prayer should be 'required' in all schools

By Joshua Haigh

A Republican candidate’s erotic film past has come back to haunt him. 

Antonio Sabàto Jr is currently running for U.S. Congress in the hopes of beating out current Democrat politician Julia Brownley. However, his fight for a spot just hit a major obstacle. 

It turns out the actor, 45, might actually be known to some. He was Calvin Klein model back in the day, and he also appeared on shows such as Melrose Place and General Hospital. 

But his work in front of the camera didn’t stop there. In the early 2000s, Sabato also appeared in a number of gay-themed films. In 2003, he stripped completely naked for the movie Testosterone. Then in 2005, he stripped naked and filmed a gay sex scene with another actor in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. 

Sabato even appeared on the cover of OUT Magazine back in 1996, so you’d think he’d be a big supporter of gay rights. 

Wrong. In fact, according to Queerty, the former star is a “Trump supporter who believes that President Obama is secretly a Muslim and that Christian prayer should be required in all public schools.”.

In response to the controversy, Sabato’s fellow Republican opponents have called for him to step down from the face and have claimed he’s “spitting in the face of family values”. 

Reacting to their remarks, the former actor said in a statement: “I’ve done many movies. I’ve done things I’m proud of and things I’m not so proud of, that’s just the way any actor works.

“They don’t know what kind of congressman I’ll be, the work ethic I have,” he added.