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Rebel Wilson denies engagement rumours to Ramona Agruma

“Thanks for the well wishes but we are NOT engaged!” Rebel Wilson shared.

By Emily Maskell

Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson denies engagement rumous with Ramona Agruma (Image: Instagram/@rebelwilson)

Rebel Wilson has denied rumours that she is engaged to her girlfriend, fashion designer  Ramona Agruma.

After the couple appeared to wear diamond rings while they dressed as the ghostly twins from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 horror film The Shining at a Halloween party, numerous outlets reported Wilson and Agruma were engaged. 

Addressing the confusion in an Instagram story on Saturday (5 November), Wilson wrote “Thanks for the well wishes but we are NOT engaged!” with an image of the pair at Disneyland.

In June, during Pride Month, the 42-year-old Bridesmaids star announced she was dating Agruma.

Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma
Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma at a Halloween party (Image: Instagram/@ramonaagruma)

Her coming out post was tainted, however, by the fact that a journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald was planning to publish a story about Wilson’s relationship if she would not make it public first. 

Andrew Hornery’s gossip column detailing the events was published but later deleted, Hornery denied outing the actor but then apologised for his handling of the situation.

Wilson recently told The Australian that she wasn’t hiding the relationship with her girlfriend, fashion designer Ramona Agruma, but was trying to come out “in our own way” and notes a journalist “threatening to out you” was “not ideal”.

The Australian Press Council, which is responsible for responding to complaints about Australian outlets, published an adjudication in October that outlined the Herald should’ve been aware it “was likely to cause substantial offence and distress.”

The statement concludes that the Sydney Morning Herald “failed to take reasonable steps to comply with the Council’s Standards of Practice concerning privacy and avoidance of harm.”

“Just seeing the news that the Australian Press Council has condemned the Sydney Morning Herald and their journalists for their recent grubby behaviour in trying to out my same-sex relationship,” Wilson wrote on Instagram afterward adding she was glad it was recognised.