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Protestors hold strange ceremony to ‘purify’ Belgrade after Pride event

By Fabio Crispim

Hundreds of LGBT people and supports marched through the Serbian capital city of Belgrade for Pride Parade.

They were protected by thousands of police officers over fear of an attack that took place in 2010 that saw 100 people get injured during an anti-gay riot that involved throwing petrol bombs and bricks, setting cars on fire and more.

According to the Mirror, parades following 2010’s were banned over fear of violence until 2014, when it was safe to continue.

However things quickly took a turn this year when protestors held a bizarre ceremony to ‘purify’ the city after the parade.

Christian priests and nuns attended the ceremony with protestors holding pictures of Jesus as well as a crosses and banners which read, “Shame on you” and “Gay Shame Never in Public Life”.

One priest at the ceremony said, “Why do they have to go public and parade? Why? I’ll tell you why. They want to recruit and to spoil the next generations.”

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