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Pornhub’s ‘BangFit’ app helps you get fit by having sex

By Fabio Crispim

Pornhub have launched a new sex-based workout app and it’s great.

According to The Huffington Post, BangFit lets users burn the calories while having some fun.

The workout is a game and users have to complete a “sexcercise” to gain points.


The users must select to play with one or more players and can even choose whichever gender they desire before being shown a sex-based fitness class which they’ll need to copy in real life.

The players will need to wear a BangFit belt as they mimic the movements and when the “sexcercise” has come to an end, the players will get a notification telling them how many calories they’ve burnt.

In the advert for the app, Pornhub say, “Less morning run and more morning fun.”

We’re lost for words here.

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