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Police officer killed after Grindr hookup may have been eaten by killer

By Josh Lee

A policeman whose remains were found dissolved in acid following a Grindr hookup may have been cooked and eaten, Sky News reports.

PC Gordon Semple was strangled to death during a grindr hookup with Stefano Brizzi, 5o, from South London. Brizzi, who was high on crystal meth at the time, has initially denied murder, claiming that PC Semple died accidentally when a “sex game” went wrong. He has, however, admitted to obstructing a coroner by attempting to dispose of the body himself.

However, the Old Bailey has heard that investigators found the victim’s DNA on a blender blade, a cooking pot, chopsticks, a copping board, and in the oven, leading to fears that Semple, 59, was eaten after death.

According to Sky News, police also discovered bite marks on a piece of bone.

Prosecuting QC Crispin Aylett said: “The defendant cannot have confined himself to dismembering Gordon Semple and disposing of his body either by acid in the bath or else in the dustbins.

“Instead, the prosecution suggest it would be open to the jury to find that the defendant cooked part of his body and ate it.”

The trial continues.

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