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Plaid Cymru: the LGBT Manifesto

By Ben Kelly

Today, the Welsh national party Plaid Cymru unveiled its manifesto for the General Election, and as imgID14021879we will do with every party, Attitude has made a handy summary of the policies it has laid out for LGBT people. Leader Leanne Wood announced that the party has promised:

  • To ensure that all schools and local authorities record incidents of homophobic bullying and seek to eradicate it by providing support and training to teachers, building on work that Plaid Cymru has already carried out. This will help them to better identify victims and act appropriately in cases of LGBT bullying in schools.
  • To end the 12 month ban on blood donations by gay and bisexual men.
  • To provide support wherever possible to tackle isolation and provide safe spaces for individuals and groups.
  • To toughen sentencing on homo, bi and transphobic hate crime and work closely with police authorities to ensure widespread recording.
  • To work towards the implementation of a framework for Primary Care Service for Trans and Intersex people and the development of a Gender Identity Clinic in Wales.
  • To support the Human Rights Act and work with international organisation to ensure that LGBT rights are understood and implemented on a global scale.

The entire manifesto is available on the party’s website.

You can read Attitude‘s interview with Plaid Cymru’s openly gay candidate Vaughan Williams in our new digital issue, out now.