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Nyle DiMarco discusses sexuality and changing deaf lives in Attitude’s October issue

By Will Stroude

He’s romped to victory on America’s Top Model and Dancing with the Stars, and helped millions to better understand what life is like for those living with deafness in the process – and now, the impossible handsome Nyle DiMarco is an Attitude cover star.

As the the first deaf contestant to appear on Dancing with the Stars earlier this year, Nyle broke new ground when he danced a sultry same-sex tango with dancer Keo Motsepe. The sexually fluid model has become an advocate of the deaf community also speaking out on LGBT+ rights, and is campaigning for bilingual legislation for young deaf children to be passed in the USA.

Discussing his sexuality Attitude’s October issue – available to download now and in shops next Wednesday (September 14), Nyle tells us: “Growing up, I was never afraid to say that a guy was beautiful. Women can say other women are beautiful, so why should it be any different?

“So, I was never really afraid to say that. I’ve always been that way, whether it’s male or female. You know, if they’re beautiful, they’re beautiful.”

Photography by Jenny Brough

He continues: “I’m fortunate, because our [deaf] community is so small, which means that there is more diversity. One of my best friends growing up is now a drag queen … In the deaf community everybody accepts everybody else because that’s who you are, you’re part of that community and that’s our safe space.

“We’re comfortable with our identity, it’s something I’ve never been embarrassed about.”

Addressing the buzz which surrounded his headline-grabbing same-sex routine on Dancing with the Stars, the 27-year-old says: “We’re moving on in the world. We are in a place now where you should be accepting of who everybody is, I think especially with the new generation. It’s a beautiful thing.

“I was quite shocked by how accepting people were. I saw some negative comments but I saw more people who were explaining why it was OK, and I think that’s progress.”


You can read the full interview with Nyle and see his exclusive new shoot in Attitude’s October issue, available to download now from

It’s in shops next Wednesday (September 14), and print copies are available to order from

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