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Nigerian man arrested for allegedly raping a 11-year-old boy multiple times

Mohammed Sani would pay the boy after raping him and threatened to kill him if he told anyone

By Steve Brown

A man has been arrested for allegedly sleeping with a 11-year-old boy in Nigeria and claims the devil pushed him to do it.

Mohammed Sani, 45, allegedly groomed the apprentice at a mechanic workshop by giving him money to buy biscuits after he raped him and warned the boy not to tell anyone what happened, the Daily Post in Nigeria reported.

The victim said: “When I was at the workshop some months ago, my friend told me to come, saying someone had a job for us.

“When I got to the man’s place, he took off my clothes and raped me. After he finished, he gave me N20 to buy biscuits. He told me that if I told anyone, he would beat me.

“After that day, he continued to do it with me. Sometimes, he would give me N20, while some other times he would give me N30.”

It was only when the young boy returned home late and was unable to explain to his mother where he had been that police started to investigate.

The victim’s mother said: “Usually, my son closes from work at 6pm and whenever he leaves the shop, his master would call me to inform me.

“So, I waited for hours for my son to return home. He came back around 10pm, and when I asked him why he was just returning home, he said he had a very busy day.

“I also noticed that he was wearing an oversize pair of trousers. When I asked who gave it to him, he said it was one ‘uncle’.

“So, I punished him and asked him about the relationship between him and the ‘uncle’, but he initially refused to speak.”

The young boy finally confessed that he had been raped multiple times by Sani and he had threatened to kill him.

His mother continued: “I was disappointed in my son because he used to tell me things. I never expected him to be so secretive.”

It’s reported that Sani is married and has a young wife – who he has asked for forgiveness – but police believe he may have raped other young boys in the area.

FCT Command spokesman, Anjuguri Manzah said: “I can confirm the incident. Investigations are ongoing, and the suspect will be transferred to the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department.”