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New York judge resigns after telling attorney to perform oral sex on Viggo Mortensen

Judge John Hallett made the comments five months ago while discussing a film festival based around the actor

By Steve Brown

A New York judge has resigned after telling attorney to ‘suck off’ Hollywood actor Viggo Mortensen.

The unnamed attorney was before Judge John W Hallett of Jefferson County five months ago where they were regarding promotion for a film festival about the Lord of the Rings actor.

Hallet allegedly said that the film festival was “about the gayest thing” he had ever heard and then told the attorney: “You and Viggo Mortensen should get a hotel room and suck each other’s dicks”, according to the formal complaint lodged against the judge.

Five months later, Hallett made the “hand-to-mouth gesture” depicting oral sex to the same attorney, TMZ reported.

An investigation was launched but it appears Hallet has decided to step down before New Year and has agreed to never seek or accept judicial office at any time in the future.