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Man taken to hospital after brutal gang attack outside gay bar in Philadelphia

Four men and a woman reportedly jumped out of a car and started to attack the 50-year-old victim

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A man was taken to hospital after a brutal gang attack outside a gay bar in Philadelphia.

Over the weekend, four men and one woman reportedly jumped out of a car and started to attacked a man outside the Toasted Walnut bar, 6abc reported.

As the fight continued, people stepped in to stop it but were also attacked themselves and the general manager of the bar was hit in the face during the fight, according to a witness.

Before police arrived, the gang jumped into a car and managed to flee the scene. The victim – who is in his 50s – was then taken to hospital and treated for a head injury.

Police are reportedly trying to work out why the man was targeted but witnesses say they heard attackers shout homophobic slurs towards him.

Bartender Josh Shonewolf said: “All of a sudden a car full of guys decided to jump out and attack one of the patrons here right in the front.

“It seemed random, but they were definitely calling him some gay slurs as they were beating him up.

“Some people refer to this part of town as Midtown Village but to me – I’m from Philly – it is always going to be the Gayborhood.

“And if this is happening at 13th and Walnut, I don’t know where we’re supposed to feel safe.”