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Man spends thousands of dollars on butt implants to triple the size of his booty

By Will Stroude

Body piercing artist Joey Prixx from Boston, Massachusetts has spent an estimated $60,000 (£46,000) on cosmetic surgery.

He’s gone through over 100 cosmetic procedures to get his ‘perfect’ body. His most recent one was inserting the biggest silicone implants to his bum – almost tripling it from the original size.

“Plastic surgery has been a huge part of my life for about 5 years,” the 26-year-old tells Metro.

He has had 2 nose jobs, and has had his sweat glands from under his arms. He also gets lip fillers every 1-3 months, botox with a brow lift, focusing on his forehead, around the eyes, the bunny lines of his nose and around the chin and every 6-12 months, he gets cheek fillers.

Joey has said that he “couldn’t be happier,” as he tweaks his body to what he sees as perfect.

With his new butt implants and small figure, he has been compared to the Kardashians, but he’s not complaining.

“I absolutely love my new bum, it’s just perfect. I had 350cc silicone implants inserted through either sides of my bum crack, they’re the largest I could have without them being specially made due to my body size.

“I know people think they must be a little out of proportion but that’s what I wanted, everyone’s been so complimentary, they’re definitely a talking point.

“I often have people asking to touch them too, they feel like two huge water balloons, it feels really cool sitting down now and I absolutely love it. Life is so much more fun with butt implants.”


Joey’s surgeries hasn’t been an easy road, though, he said: “After my first nose job I was really impressed, but just months later the implant that the surgeon had inserted slipped out of place.” He needed to get it repositioned which cost him another $1,000.

And talking about his butt implants, he recalls that he “couldn’t sit down at all for six weeks and had to take a lot of pain killers.”

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Regardless of the various complications, Joey says that he couldn’t be happier – “I’m going to continue building towards what I see as perfect, I will never be perfect but I’d like to get myself as close to that goal as possible.

“Being plastic is my trademark, everything I do is unique and I will continue to make myself different.”

Words: Bryan Bernal

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