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Man shot with BB gun outside gay bar in Ohio

It's reported that if it hit him a little higher it could have caused brain damage

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A man was shot outside with a BB gun while standing with his boyfriend outside a gay bar in Ohio.

Stephen Messerly was leaving the popular Boscoe’s bar in Columbus, Ohio, on Saturday night when he heard a small pop and he felt a small pain on his face and when he reached up, he saw blood on his fingers.

He told WBNS: “All of a sudden, I hear a pop, sounded like one of the firecracker things that the kids throw.

“I put my hand after I heard that, and I felt something up here just hurt. I put my hand down and saw blood on my fingers.

“Shane said,’ ‘You are bleeding’. It is possible that somebody targeted the people on Boscoe’s patio, but I’m not exactly sure the motivation.

“They said if it were a couple of inches up further that it could have penetrated my temple and done some brain damage.”

Following an MRI scan, it was revealed Stephen had a BB lodged in his head which was causing him a lot of pain and bleeding.

It’s not known who shot it or where it came from but Columbus Police were called and a report was filed.