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Man literally goes blind after having an orgasm

Turns out too much sex CAN make you go blind

By Joshua Haigh

Turns out absolutely nothing is safe nowadays, even sex.

A 29-year-old man got the shock of his life after enjoying a night of passion with his partner recently.

After what he described as a night of “vigorous sexual intercourse,” the man woke up the following morning and realised he couldn’t see out of one of his eyes.

Turns out that a haemorrhage in his eye, caused by a particularly intense orgasm, was the cause of his sudden blindness. Just how intense?! Jesus.

Doctors suggested that the man had held his breath and strained his ab muscles in an attempt to stop himself reaching climax, and the resulting pressure literally caused him to go temporarily blind.

He was diagnosed with postcoital valsalva retinopathy, and thankfully was informed that his sight would return over time.

We’re hoping they’re both happily married now, tbh. What a story to tell at the wedding.

Meanwhile, earlier this year a research team tried to discover a biological link between gay men and their sexual role preference.

A group of scientists at the University of Toronto Mississauga Investigated variation within the population of gay men based on their anal-sex roles, and their findings might surprise you.

The results of the study suggested that there are biological subgroups among gay men – implying that biological makeup could be a direct influence on whether a man likes to top or bottom.