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Man left with broken nose after homophobic attack by a mob of 10 people

Cesar Marin posted a photo of his injuries in hospital.

By Steve Brown

A man was attacked by a ‘mob of 10 people’ after a woman flicked a cigarette at him and called him a ‘f****t’.

Cesar Marin, from Phoenix, Arizona, was left with a broken nose, swollen face and a bruised body after he was attacked by a group of 10 people.

Posting a picture of his injuries on Facebook, Marin wrote: “I was just gay bashed in downtown Phoenix.

“I was attacked by a mob of 10 people. It all started with 1 girl flicking her cigarette in my car and calling me a f****t.

“Before I knew it, I was surrounded in a hail of punches. I have a broken nose and a swollen face and bruised body. Im home resting. Thanks for all your love!”

Following the attack, Marin posted a video to Facebook and, although he is in a lot of pain, he is confident he was going to be ok.

He said: “Frankly, I don’t know why this happened.

“People don’t understand how much worse it is when the word f****t is thrown in there… People attacking you for something you just can’t control and something that wasn’t a choice.”