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Lord Sugar: I have enough puffs who come through my boardroom

Many people have seen the joke behind the comment claiming he was referring to a 'puff of smoke'

By Steve Brown

Lord Sugar has made a homophobic comment on Twitter and the reactions are mixed.

The businessman was sent an image on Twitter showing his face on a pack of the cereal brand Sugar Puffs and Laura Thompson – who tweeted him – joked and said she had found his next business venture.

After seeing this tweet, Lord Sugar replied and said: “hah…… I have enough puff s who come through my boardroom”

Although it’s not known whether Lord Sugar meant this as a homophobic remark or just a joke, it’s shocking for someone as well-known a public figure as him to make such comments.

Surprisingly, not many people found the comment to be that offensive and instead found the humour behind the joke with many saying he was referring to a ‘puff of smoke’.