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London Met officer dismissed for making homophobic and racist remarks and ‘ignoring’ a fatal stabbing

By Fabio Crispim

Sergeant Kirsten Treasure has been dismissed for allegedly ignoring a call for assistance to a fatal attack where a man was stabbed more than 200 times on April 24, the BBC reports. 

52-year-old Andrew Else died after the attack in Croydon.

Treasure was also overheard making homophobic and racist remarks a misconduct hearing was told.

When interviewed by the police about the events, Treasure allegedly lied.

Speaking to the BBC, Else’s mother-in-law Carol Scott said, “We are glad Kirsten Treasure has been dismissed. She was a horrendous person and we don’t need police officers like this in the force.”

“I don’t know how my daughter has coped with it all. I dropped her off for the hearing and she had to listen to the reports of her husband being stabbed again, it was like having to hear him die again on her.”

Else’s mother-in-law continues and says that, “We think perhaps if the police had got there quicker Andrew would have been saved.”

“We don’t blame the police officers, we blame Kirsten Treasure who was in charge of them. I am so angry with her. She was a nasty piece of work and called them horrible names.”

The misconduct hearing was held on Friday (May 27) and was told that Treasure allegedly used racist and homophobic language on 15 occasions.

Chief superintendent Matt Gardner said, “The catalogue of misconduct by this officer is truly shocking.”

He explains how Treasure had “no regard for the victim, Andrew Else” and said that her “appalling” language had no place in the Met Police as she was the “polar opposite” of what a police officer should be.

Treasure has since been dismissed without notice.

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