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LGBT community masturbate more than straights, according to study

The research revealed that the age of masturbation also differed

By Steve Brown

A new study has found gay and bisexual men masturbate more than straight men.

The research – completed by the sexual pleasure brand TENGA – revealed there are some key differences between the LGBT community and heteros when it comes to masturbation routines.

It found that 58 per cent of gay and bisexual people masturbate weekly compared to just 35 per cent of straights and it also found – while asking 2,000 UK adults – that the age of when they started masturbating was slightly earlier for the LGBT community.

Apparently, the gay community started beating off when they were just 13 compared to heteros who were clearly late bloomers and only realised what they had down there when they were 15.

The majority of the LGBT community (72 per cent) also believed that society would benefit if people were more open about tlaking about sexual topics compared to prudish 44 per cent of heteros.

The study also found similarities between both sexual orientations including watching porn. 56 per cent of gay and bisexual people watched adult content as did 49 per cent of straights.

Only 24 per cent of heterosexuals use their memory to think about a previous lover whereas 33 per cent of bi and gay people think about fond memories while tugging away.

However, gay and bisexual individuals seemed to be slightly more adventurous with their touches and techniques, with 46 per cent having used a sex toy to masturbate with, in comparison to 30 per cent of heterosexual individuals.

Alix Fox, sex and relationships educator and ambassador for TENGA, said: “There are all sorts of theories surrounding this topic. In the past, some psychologists have controversially suggested that early masturbation could actually cause homosexuality, by encouraging a fixation upon same-sex genitals, although this idea has now largely been overturned.

“I wonder whether because LGBTQ+ culture in general doesn’t place as much emphasis on penis-in-vagina or penetrative sex being the ultimate goal of a shared sexual experience, masturbation may be seen as more of an acceptable and indeed hot activity, whether practiced solo or partnered, and therefore self-pleasure is something that LGBTQ+ folks are more likely to indulge in regularly.

“It might also be relevant that because simply by existing and identifying as non-straight, LGBTQ+ people are more likely to have had to fight against old-fashioned, close-minded, staunchly conservative societal perceptions of what’s ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; ‘the done thing’ or ‘the dirty thing’; ‘respectable’ or ‘taboo’, they may be more open to challenging other outdated, restrictive stigmas, too – such as those that say masturbation is a sin or to be frowned upon.”