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LGBT activist calls American leaders homophobic psychopaths

Brandon Wolf made the comments to Joy Reid on the MSNBC show

By Steve Brown

An LGBT activist has slammed the American government dubbing them all “homophobic psychopaths”.

Brandon Wolf – who is also a survivor of the Pulse nightclub attack – joined Joy Reid on her MSNBC show, where the host apologised for a series of anti-LGBT blog posts, and he didn’t shy away from expressing his dismay at the current US government.

He also went on to say if Vice President Mike Pence ever became president he would put all gay people in “concentration camps”.

He said: “We have a secretary of state, as was mentioned, that believes that gay people are sinners based on who they are.

“If Mike Pence, God bless him, ended up in the White House, sitting behind that desk in the Oval Officer, he would have us all in concentration camps hoping to pray away the gay.

“That’s what we’re actually up against.”

However, the day after, Brandon revealed he meant to say “conversion camps” but doesn’t see the different between the two.

He tweeted: “For the record, I meant to say “conversion” camps. But if you ask survivors of conversion therapy about their experiences…I’m not sure how far off I was.

“Also, it’s Sunday morning Mike Pence is still a homophobe. [sic]”