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Labour MP has concerns about five-year-old children learning about same-sex parents

Schools have faced protests by parents after learning LGBTQ lessons were taught at school

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Labour MP Roger Godsiff says five-year-old children are ‘too young’ to learn about same-sex parents.

Godsiff – who represents the Birmingham area for the Labour party – has weighed in into the ongoing debate about whether primary school children should be taught about same-sex parents in schools.

A number of schools in the Birmingham area have faced multiple protests by parents outside after they learnt the schools were teaching LGBTQ-inclusive lessons.

And now, Godsiff has outrageously claimed that primary school children are too young to learn about same-sex parents.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, he said: “Having looked at what has been presented to me and hearing what the headteacher said, I was concerned about some of the things that came out [of those discussions].

“I have seen the cover of some of the books… I understand why parents have concerns.

“I have concerns about the age appropriateness of children of four and five being introduced to these ideas.

“As a parent wrote, some are just out of nappies. I think it is more appropriate at age seven, or six.

“I would question the age appropriateness of making children as young as four aware of [LGBT+ people].”