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Katie Hopkins claims ‘100% of British Muslims’ want homosexuality outlawed

By Will Stroude

Never one to let an incident pass without offering her own heinous two cents, Katie Hopkins has used her first Daily Mail column in the wake of last week’s terror attacks in Paris to argue that Muslim culture ‘perpetuates’ violence.

According to PinkNews, the professional controversy-baiter has appeared to use gay rights to perpetuate her own form of racism, questioning “just how wide” the gulf is between ‘mainstream’ Muslims and “ISIS stalwarts throwing gay men from buildings or emptying Kalashnikov’s into the crowds.”

She wrote: “What we are not allowed to think is that anything intrinsic to Muslim culture perpetuates these atrocities… and what politicians would have us believe is that in no way are the acts of suicide bombers linked to a religion which encourages exactly that.

“And yet parallels are easily drawn. If 27% of British Muslims had sympathy with the Charlie Hebdo attacks and 100% think homosexuality should be banned, just how wide is the gulf between mainstream Muslims and ISIS stalwarts throwing gay men from buildings or emptying Kalashnikov’s into the crowds.”

PinkNews notes that Hopkins may have been referring to a Gallup Poll form six years ago, in which 0% of those polled who identified as Muslim thought homosexuality was ‘morally acceptable’. However, the poll only asked just over 500 people in total, leaving the sample size of actual Muslims polled statistically questionable.

At no point did it ask that whether homosexuality should be ‘banned’.

Attitude’s Ben Kelly has argued in the past that Katie Hopkins doesn’t deserve to be called a gay icon, given her views on a wide range of issues – click here to read his column in full.

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