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Jacob Rees-Mogg says banning homophobe Franklin Graham is discriminating on grounds of ‘religion and belief’

The leader of the House of Commons opposed LGBTQ and abortion rights

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Jacob Rees-Mogg has called for venues to host the renowned homophobic and Islamophobic American preacher Franklin Graham.

Graham is an outspoken right-wing, homophobic preacher who has been on a tirade against the LGBTQ community and called out Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg for claiming to be gay and a Christian.

Last year, the Evangelical preacher also called the Pride flag ‘offensive to Christians’ after Trump ruled to fly the rainbow flag below the country’s own flag during Pride month.

Graham was set to give speeches at various venues across the UK this year, but luckily they realised he is a bigotted, homophobe and many cancelled the events, much to the praise of the LGBTQ community.

However, one person decided to say that not allowing Graham to preach his homophobic, right-wing views was a form of discrimination on ground of religion and belief.

And that person was none other that renowned homophobe, Christian, conservative Jacob Rees Mogg.

Rees-Mogg – who is the leader of the House of Commons – has, in the words of Owen Jones, opposed ‘abortion in cases of rape, and who ardently opposes LGBTQ rights’.

But while speaking in the House of Commons last week, Mogg tried to claim banning Graham was discriminating against ‘religion and belief’ and slammed people who ‘tout themselves as being liberal’.

The bigot said: “Although venues are allowed to make their own decisions about whether or not to host Franklin Graham during his upcoming visit, like all service providers they must be careful not to discriminate unlawfully on grounds of religion and belief.

“The UK has robust protections for freedom of speech and freedom of religion and the price of living in a free plural society is tolerating views and beliefs we disagree with or are even offended by, and this is fundamentally important.

“It is the sad truth that many people who tout themselves as being liberal are only liberal about what they like and are very intolerant of the views they disagree with.”