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Isle of Wight councillor wants attendants to keep paedophiles, homosexuals and pigeons out of public toilets

By Fabio Crispim

A councillor from the Isle of Wight spoke out about public toilets but his comments were quickly dismissed as nonsensical and idiotic, according to Isle of Wight County Press.

Councillor Chris Dupre who sits as Sandown Town Council made the ‘idiotic’ comments to the Isle of Wight County Press.

He said,”What we need is attendants to stop paedophiles, homosexuals, pigeons and all sorts going on in there.”

He explains how hiring attendants will be cheaper than the island’s current pest control plans.

East Cowes business man Karl Love, who has lived with his partner David Hill for 27 years, said, “I’m saddened that a town councillor can say that.”

“Gay men have made lots of progress in the UK, in terms of being integrated, and received lots of support. But it saddens me the island is still slightly in the dark ages.”

Love also said that the councillor should attend a training course on LGBT issues and that police officers have not reported any issues in public toilets.

Chairman of the Isle of Wight’s Gay Men’s Chorus, Matt Bundy, said he “found the comments to be quite archaic.”

“It’s quite sad to suggest that is what we are all up to. To liken us to a paedophile is also extremely offensive.”

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