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ISIS militants throw man accused of being gay off rooftop as crowd watches

By Troy Nankervis

Militants from the so-called Islamic State terror organisation (ISIS) have reportedly executed another man accused of being gay.

A Sharia court sentenced the unidentified man to death on January 17 in the Iraqi city of Rawa, located in the al-Furat province, Gay Star News reports.

Blindfolded and marched up a stairwell with his arms tied behind his back, the man was pushed to his death from the top of a building before a large crowd of men gathered below.

Images of the barbaric execution have been posted online by ISIS, but Attitude has deemed the pictures too distressing to be published.

The news comes just weeks after a 15-year-old Syrian boy was blind-folded and thrown from a rooftop after a senior ISIS officer – who eventually walked free – raped him.

The Advocate notes that under ISIS’s interpretation of Sharia law, the dominant code referenced by the terrorist group, those “convicted of homosexual crimes” are to be thrown from the “tallest building in the city from which the victim was arrested”.

It has been estimated by the United Nations that over 30 men have been executed by ISIS after being found to be gay in the last 12 months alone.

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