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ISIS executioner who threw gay men off buildings ‘captured in Iraq’

Abu Omer is said to be responsible for the killing of dozens of gay men in Iraq.

By Fabio Crispim

An ISIS executioner who reportedly threw gay men off buildings to their deaths has been captured. 

Abu Omer, nicknamed ‘White Beard’ due to his long white beard, is said to have overseen the executions of dozens of gay men during ISIS’s reign over Iraq.

According to The Mirror, the Jihadi executioner, was captured by Iraqi security forces after residents revealed his hiding place in Mosul, Iraq. 

Omer was reportedly present when gay people were thrown from buildings and stoned to death and he allegedly read victims’ crimes aloud to a crowd. 

He was also pictured watching as three gay men were publicly beheaded in March 2015, while other photographs show him inspecting a pile of stones ahead of a public stoning.

Omer’s arrest was confirmed by the AhluBayt News Agency on Monday (January 1).

The news agency reports that even though the terrorist group is said to have been completely defeated in Iraq, some of its members remain in hiding throughout the country.

“The remaining terrorists even continue carrying out assaults on the Iraqi troops and some prominent tribal figures, especially in the Kirkuk Province,” the outlets reports.

Images shared by the news agency show a white-bearded man being led from a police car while surrounded by police officers.

The Mirror reports that Omer may now face execution himself for his crimes.